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To browse a listing of groups, or to join, here are the steps you will take:

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Groups at NorthStar Church

"The Why"

NorthStar’s Mission: We exist to show God’s love in such a way that people would exchange ordinary living for an extraordinary life through the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

At NorthStar there are a number of “on-ramps” to living out our Mission Statement. If you break down this statement, you’ll find three primary messages that are incorporated into it:

(1) Showing God’s Love – serving, loving and giving to others

(2) The Great Exchange – we hand over our “old” selves and God gives us new life – and an extraordinary eternal life!

(3) Transforming Power of Jesus – It is Jesus alone who holds the power to change us from the inside out. He modeled God’s perfect ideal for how we should live and love. Ultimately, God allowed His one and only son to suffer and die for our sins – so we would never be separated from Him again! Jesus’ resurrection power gives us hope, as well as victory over death, when we put him in the center of our lives.

Small Groups at NorthStar are a reflection of NorthStar’s mission in many ways. In the end, our prayer is that you would develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In order to do this we must:

Spend time with the Father – Reading His word and talking to Him (prayer) – Each and every study we offer is rooted in Scripture, and all participants are strongly encouraged to spend time in God’s Word each day. Each group is like a family, and prayer is a key component of strengthening that bond between participants and God, and participants with one another.

Serve Others – Each group participates in one or more Community service projects or acts of kindness each semester. NorthStar began with the vision to reach our community by loving them with no strings attached. Groups are just an extension of that very same vision!

Surround Ourselves with Support – It was never God’s design for you – or anyone – to go through life alone. As believers, we are considered “aliens” in this world. For this reason, it’s even more critical that we surround ourselves with other Christ followers who will walk with us, pray for us, love us, and serve alongside us. Groups are essential to remaining grounded – and surrounded by those who will help you live God’s best!

“The What”

Generally speaking, groups consist of 10-20 people – individuals or couples – who gather in a home (or another gathering spot) for 12-15 weeks. Some groups will have limited capacity, and others will not have a cap on the number of participants. Each group will complete one or two pre-approved studies during that semester. Each group has a leader or facilitator who has been trained and equipped to effectively direct the group for the semester. In some cases, there are co-leaders who share these responsibilities.

“The When”

There are a couple “when’s” here to address. First, groups are seasonal, which means we offer them in the Winter/Spring (late January – May) and Fall (late-August – December). There may also be interim groups that launch at various points during the year, and will be shorter term (4-6 weeks). We currently do not offer summer groups.

The second “when” ishow frequently groups will meet. Men’s and Women’s groups will meet on a weekly basis each semester. Couples groups vary – some meet weekly, some every-other-week, and others meet three times per month.

“The How”

You may wonder, “How do I get into a group?” Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Throughout the months of January and August, we will have online registration available for participants to sign up for a small group of their choosing. During these specific times of the year, we will be promoting Groups heavily to the church, and will provide an abundance of information on how to get into a study, and when they start. Everything will filter through our web site – www.northstarchurch.org.

“The Who”

Groups are for everyone – especially you! You don’t have to be a theologian or Bible expert to get into a study. In fact, just about everybody who participates in a study is just like you – ordinary folks who just want to grow closer to God.

We have groups for Men, Women, Couples, Adult Singles (35+), and ones that are Open (no set gender or marital status) – you name it! Many people want to get into a study because they are intrigued by a particular topic. Others want to meet on a specific day of the week, and still others may want to participate in a group that is led by someone they admire and respect. In any case, rest assured that there is a group for you!